Advantages and disadvantages lemongrass oil for fine hair

fine hair

Lemongrass Oil is extracted by steam distillation from fresh or partially dried leaves. This perennial aromatic plant grows to a height of three feet and extends a foot width. This plant flourishes every year where the temperature remains at or above 45 degrees. It sleeps in the winter months and is not frost-resistant. It is rich in citrus, a lemon peel component, so it has an aroma of potent lemon, with insect repellent properties. You should know about advantages and disadvantages lemongrass oil for fine hair.

Lemongrass is commonly used as a health, preventive, holistic solution. This is not a substitution for prescription drugs. Some people would like to use herbs such as this in order to prevent side effects of traditional medicines. Mix lemongrass oil with jojoba oil for a soothing, relaxing massage to relieve muscle aches and pain including rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, lower back pain, etc. Soak in a bathroom with a handful of citrus leaves to make your bath soothing.

Lemongrass has been used for several years in Chinese medicine. To cure colds, headaches, digestive issues and more, use lemongrass in tea. Using diluted lemongrass oil externally to extract foot fungi, bruises, scrapes, and more from athletes.

Using pest repellent lemongrass! The leaves can be crushed and rubbed on the skin as an insect repellent outside. Some call lemongrass the herb citronella. It is useful to repel fly, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other biting insects. When working outdoors, spray on your clothing. This is not only good for humans, but for pets it is good! Put a dilute drop of lemongrass oil around a pet’s necklace, rub on palms, spray outdoor pet styles to repel pesky insects.

delicate hairLemongrass oil for thin hair helps to get rid of blackheads and relieve acne. It is a natural astringent that reduces pores and strengthens the skin. Before using on the skin, skin sensitivities should be checked. Follow all safety instructions on the bottle or box. Lemongrass is one of the most common herbs for soap production. Just a small amount in your home-made soap recipes adds a sweet, yellowish-green color with a lemon fragrance. You can use lemongrass oil to make homemade soap to produce a homemade acne remedy! You can also use this important oil in a home-made lotion!

Lemongrass oil is used for industrial and home-made shampoo applications. It adds luster and fullness to hair, battles hair loss and tests the oily and dry conditions of the scalp. It is thought to improve hair follicles and thus it is helpful for those with thin hair. Those with flat or smooth hair will find a lighter, healthier shine. Shampooing can lead to poor scalp conditions. Lemongrass helps keep a good balance between dry and oily scalps. It is a perfect shampoo for delicate hair, dry hair and sweet hair.