Should curly hair be washed every day?

hair washing routine

If you are anything like me, curling is a blessing and a curse. It is difficult to burn, it frizzes with even the slightest drop of moisture in the air, and you cannot make it as much as you want. But having curly hair is the best of all worlds because you can keep it curly and perfect, or you can straighten it and still have loads of volume due to your curl texture. However, taking care of your hair is the toughest aspect of curly hair. Here are some useful curly hair washing routine tips to keep your hair lovely, smooth and frizzy.

Clean your hair less often. This is self-explaining. The more we wash our hair, the more natural oils we extract and that cause fragile hair, which is likely to break off and cause friction. Once I read a book that says that you can only wash your hair once or twice a week with shampoos, but you can ‘wash’ your hair every day with a conditioner. I did not think that would work, but it does once I did it. Your hair remains smooth and handy, and you always get water every day to help distort curls.

Throw away your brush and peat. Throw away. Ok, literally not. Do not use them if you do not have to. When you have ‘washed’ your hair with a lining, wipe your hair dry and run your fingers through your hair to unwind. If you cannot do this just with your fingertips, apply about one quarter of your conditioner to your hair. Do not rinse it out, but just run through your fingertips. Maintain the frequency of washing curly hair and that’s ought to be the trick.

moisturize your hair

Stop if possible blow-drying. Let your hair dry if you have enough time in the day. This helps the curls to take their natural form and reduce friction.

In the night, put your hair in a bun. Putting your hair or wrapping it in a scarf helps moisturize your hair and keeps your ends moist. Even the purchase of silk pillow covers can deceive.

Your curly hair can be tamed, and with a few easy tricks that take little to no time at all it can look gorgeous and shiny.